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“The focus is, with great care – to support, help and advise the vulnerable and show the way to a healthier and happier life. A whole new life where the courage and freedom to do things differently is present. We want to create change (and community) for vulnerable and lonely Copenhageners – all those we meet, fight for and pray for. “

* Heart to the exposed
* Space for everyone in the Community
* Because our friends are something quite special

Support our vulnerable friends


Street Care meets people every day who, for various reasons, have ended up in unusually difficult life situations. Many have lost hope that things will ever be different. They are struggling, lonely and need encouragement and helpful people. Street Care instills hope for a more positive and meaningful life. And we know how hard it can be to take up the fight. That is why it is important to get around and not least spread hope and love. We hope you will support it.
Make a single contribution today, or steadfastly. Every gift (small or large) makes a difference.

NOTE: As Street Care is a newly founded association, we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to give deduction on gifts in 2021. We are working on the case and hope that you still want to support our work and help us along the way.

It is possible to support our work in one of the following ways:

  1. Online Bank transfer
    Use your internet bank to transfer a gift. It is also possible to make a fixed account transfer in your online bank if you want to support with an amount every month (become a regular Street Care supporter).
    Reg. and account no.: 3409 – 13091528
  2. MobilePay
    If you have a smartphone, you can download the MobilePay app via the App Store and make an optional donation of up to DKK 1,500 per day. MobilePay No.: 50 9000
  3. Support from abroad
    IBAN: DK0930000013091528

    Our address:
    S/I Street Care
    Drejervej 13-21
    2400 København NV.
  4. Donate clothes and food
    If you have warm clothes and warm shoes lying in the wardrobe that you want to donate, we are very interested in receiving it. We are also interested in sleeping bags, mobile phones and the like. When it comes to food, it’s most of all about bread, pastries and cakes, the days we are on the streets.
  5. Christmas help
    Street Care loves to hand out Christmas presents (Christmas aid) to some of the most vulnerable in the community – including our many homeless friends. We do this because we know how difficult it can be to get through Christmas without a family and close friends. Street Care has extensive experience in arranging and distributing Christmas aid and collaboration with companies and individuals. If you want to knit scarves, hats or mittens or donate one or more gifts to the work, you are welcome to contact us.
  6. Wills and Inheritance
    When dealing with your heritage, it is natural to keep your loved ones in mind. With a will, you decide over your inheritance and ensure that it is distributed exactly as you want it. Among other things, you can bequeath part of your fortune to a humanitarian organisation – including to a social work like ours that supports some of the most vulnerable in society.

    Thank you very much! 💚

Indsamlingsnævnet – Street Care has been approved for collections from 01.10.20- 31.09.21.

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to support in any other way.


Best regards

Allan Frederiksen
General Manager
Phone: (+45) 3114 2100

Street Care

Fordi vores venner er noget ganske særligt

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