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About Street Care


Support and fellowship for the vulnerable and lonely
Street Care is a social work among some of the most vulnerable in Denmark. We do outreach work in Copenhagen, run a coffee house and offer mentor- and assessor support. In addition, we invite to participate in activities and tours, have a telephone consultation, and last but not least, fellowship and community eating.

Our outreach work around Copenhagen
Three to four times a week, Street Care is on the street to meet, advise and support friends. A little coffee, a sandwich and encouraging and serious talk – make a significant difference!

i. Outreach street plan work
ii. Coffee house
iii. Coffee & Food (Community Eating)
iv. Mentor- and assessor support
v. Activities and tours
vi. Telephone counseling

i. Outreach street plan work
The street plan work is our primary work area, as it gives us a touch point with vulnerable people all over Copenhagen. The purpose and idea behind the street plan work is to meet with and reach out to those who may need a conversation as well as support and help for life. We want to instill hope for a more positive and meaningful life – and is outreach in a caring, present and respectful way.

We do outreach work at Nørrebro, Copenhagen NV., inner city, Christianshavn, Sydhavnen, Vesterbro, Vanløse and other places. The outreach work also takes place elsewhere in the city and will primarily take place during the day. We do outreach three to four days a week. We get around by car, but also use the Metro (public transportation) on an ongoing basis. We bring hot drinks, food and / or cakes, clothes, sleeping backs and other relevant things. We hand out business cards and flyers about our work as well as info about communal meals and upcoming activities.

In general, we believe that it is important to seek out a wide range of vulnerable people, as everyone from time to time may need a conversation (a friend), support or help. However, our focus will always be on the individual (quality rather than quantity) when this is demanded.

ii. Coffee house
The aim of the coffee house is to offer the homeless, the socially disadvantaged and all those we know from the street a cosy, healthy and warm community in the evening hours – Initially every Wednesday evening. During the evening we will offer free food as well as hot and cold drinks. We will distribute shoes, warm clothes, hats, scarves and sleeping bags when they are in stock. In addition, we will hold a small devotional and invite guests to come and play, sing or lecture for us. We will occasionally also play banko and hold quiz nights, etc.

If our guests need a conversation, mentor and assistant support or something else, we are of course ready to listen and if possible help.

The center is open every Wednesday from 18.00 – 21.00.

The Evangelical Church
Worsaaesvej 5
1972 Frederiksberg
– close to Forum Metro Station

iii. Coffee & Food (Community eating)
Street Care regularly invites to fellowship and communal dining with good food and constructive conversations. Agreements about communal dining usually take place with people we know very well and where the group often also knows each other and therefore finds it easier to interact and be part of the community.

Communal meals are divided as follows:
a) In collaboration with churches and partners – where we invite larger groups to fellowship, communal dining and fun. It happens on an ongoing basis but can also be in connection with. Christmas, Easter, summer parties and the like. In addition, we occasionally enjoy coffee and good food on Sundays, e.g. after a service.
b) In cafés and in private homes, where we can offer a cozy and family environment. We want to create an atmosphere where good and healthy relationships are built. The focus will be on inviting people we have a good knowledge of and where the group also knows each other. It is quite unique that an organisation (our association) wants to invite the vulnerable and lonely to cozy and communal dining in this way.

iv. Mentor- and assessor support
We offer mentor and assistant support to vulnerable Copenhageners.
Our first meeting usually takes place on the street. Then we meet at a café or privately – usually for coffee and to talk about the future. The talk allows us to build a more trusting relationship. If the person so wishes, he / she is offered a mentor and assistant course. It can be to follow along all the way through the system, attend pre-conversations regarding. treatment, take a closer look at the economy or similar. Sometimes it can make sense to start in a completely different place, by inviting people to a communal meal or upcoming activities and trips.

We are happy to help with driving to pre-interviews, drug treatment, Psychiatric emergency department, interviews at the municipality and the like. In addition, we regularly visit vulnerable people who, for various reasons, are unable to get out of the apartment as well as others who have been admitted to hospital or are in the process of rehabilitation / rehabilitation.
If the help concerns something we cannot handle, we refer to a psychologist, psychiatrist or similar.

We are flexible in relation to the complexity of the challenges and continuously adapt the support and our offer according to the individual’s wishes. The most important thing is that we are available, act as a friend and tie the effort together. This is to reduce the pressure on the victim’s shoulders.

v. Activities and tours
We regularly invite you to various activities and trips. The purpose of this is to offer healthy, fun and memorable experiences where one finds new joy in and for the future.

Street Care has solid experience in arranging tours and activities for smaller and larger groups. The experiences cover trips to Dyrehavsbakken, Tivoli, restaurant visits, bowling and gospel as well as fishing trips, summer house trips, summer holidays, Christmas concerts, etc ..

We also have a “Walk & Talk” offer where we take a walk (in the city or nature) with friends. Here we get the opportunity to build our relationship and not least air our thoughts and hear each other about how it goes. It is an important initiative, as many feel lonely and thus need others to talk to about life’s challenges.

We plan to distribute Christmas aid and warm clothes to our many homeless / vulnerable friends – especially during the cold winter months.

vi. Telephone counseling
Telephone counseling enables us to counsel and support the vulnerable when life is difficult. It is possible to call to make agreements regarding. driving, support, coffee meetings and communal dining, etc. It can be in acute challenges.

Telephone advice is open:
All weekdays from 11.00 – 16.00
In case of urgent needs, you are always welcome to call.

Become a volunteer in Street Care
Do you want to help make a relevant difference for people in Copenhagen?
As a volunteer in Street Care, you can help make an important and significant contribution that makes a relevant difference for the vulnerable and lonely in Copenhagen. We need committed and caring volunteers of all ages (18+).

Read the five points below in relation to becoming a volunteer.

i. Do you want to be part of our outreach street plan work
Street Care visits well-known hanging out places around Copenhagen every week. Our primary focus is to support, help and advise as well as bring care and build relationships.

As the street plan work is our primary work, we hope that you have the time and desire to join us here (or in our venue). It means a lot to us that you are committed and can join for a few hours, maybe once a week? With your time, care and practical help, you can help make a difference for vulnerable people in Copenhagen.

ii. Can you vouch for our vision and values ​​as well as our outlook on life and people
Street Care’s work rests on the Christian view of life and humanity (interdenominational profile). It is important to us that you can vouch for our vision, values ​​and view of people. This does not mean that you have the same understanding, but more that you respect our point of view and background. The values ​​are a benchmark for how we act and behave in our daily work. This also applies to our motives and what we communicate.
Read “info about…” below.

iii. Do you want to build relationships and develop communities
It will be a big plus for us if our volunteers get involved in building relationships. We must have time and energy to invite to coffee/cafés, activities and trips as well as communal meals.

iv. Are you a good mentor, sidekick and/or friend
Helping on the way can look like many ways. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being present and responding to an inquiry. Other times, it requires that you are willing to go the extra mile, act as bystanders and support all the way through the system.

v. Do you want to help develop the work and create a success
Perhaps you have a lot of experience and skills in relation to social work. We need skilled and creative minds who will help set sail and direction.

We arrange regular trips and activities. We hope you enjoy the experience.


Info about the association

CVR No. 41 63 46 42

Street Care is a Self-governing Institution (Non-profit) with board of directors and articles of association.
To lead the work, the board has hired Allan Frederiksen as general manager.
Name / motto: “Street Care – Because our friends are something very special”

Purpose and vision
That the vulnerable are seen, met and heard, and that through our work they get help to overcome some of the most difficult challenges of everyday life. We support and follow the individual on the path, as long as it makes sense.

That far more vulnerable people rediscover faith, strength and hope for the future and come out on the other side – transformed.

Philosophy of life
Our work is based on the Christian view of life and people and is based on the values ​​of care, presence and inclusiveness. Every human being is unique and valuable and must be treated as such.

– We show care (understanding, help and recognition) and build equality relationships where we can count on and trust each other. All people need the care of other people.

– We are available and present in our relationships. We are committed to contributing to the fulfillment of wishes and dreams.

– We want to carry each other – all the difficult and all the crooked.
We make room for differences – thoughts, opinions and attitudes.

We get Inspiration from
Quote by Mother Teresa: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. ”

Quote: “The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.”

“What I want, the Lord answered, is that you share your food with the hungry, that you provide shelter for the homeless, that you provide clothing for those who have nothing, and in general do, what you can do to address the needs that exist around you.(Book of Isaiah, chapter 58)

“Let us therefore use every opportunity to do good to all men…” (Bible quote)

The Good Samaritan: “But a traveling Samaritan came to a man who had been robbed by robbers, and whom they had left lying half-dead, and he felt pity for him when he saw him. He went and poured oil and wine into his wounds and bandaged them, lifted him up on his horse and brought him to a hostel and cared for him. The next day he took out two denarii, gave them to the host, and said, “Take care of him, and the more you pay, I will pay you when I return.” (Gospel of Luke, chapter 10)

Annual reports and newsletters
At the beginning of the year, Street Care publishes an annual report that tells stories and tells about the results of the year. In addition, we publish newsletters, which are sent to donors and distributed on the streets of Copenhagen.

We regularly prepare a flyer which tells about upcoming offers, trips and activities. This is also distributed on the streets of Copenhagen as well as at churches and other partners.

Street Care

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